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El elegido (2015)

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A man named Jacques Mornard arrives in Mexico in 1940,claiming to be a Belgian who is fleeing the war in Europe to join his girlfriend...

A Billion Lives (2016)

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A true story of the vaping revolution and tragic corruption leading to a billion deaths around the world.

El Silbón: Orígenes (2017)

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13 Summers Underwater (2017)

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Parallel stories connected through an intimacy with death. The living and the dead communicate through visions, memories and reality.

La Leyenda del Chupacabras (2016)

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In the fourth installment of the 'Leyenda' saga, Leo San Juan and his gang will take on the Chupacabras.

Blood, Sand and Gold (2017)

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When an archaeologist discovers Sir Francis Drake's lost treasure in the Sahara Desert, it is promptly stolen and she sets off on a global quest to steal it back.

Larceny (2017)

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The CIA enlists a professional thief to break into the safe at Mexico's top secret Guantanamo Bay-style...

Xibalba (1970)

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Dr. Alan Green an American Archelogist leads Danielle Noble an her team of cave divers on an expedition searching the Mayan ancient records. Instead of finding glory they will find hell hidden in the underwater caves of Xibalba.

How to Break Up with Your Douchebag (2017)

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This comedy takes its cue from such female-centered films as "Bridesmaids" and "Trainwreck." Pic centers...

Sorceress (2017)

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A young woman raised in the US returns to her birth country in Eastern Europe after a devastating tragedy. Questioning her sanity and her sexuality, she starts believing she possesses supernatural powers.

Veronica (2017)

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A female Psychologist who has stopped practicing medicine, decides to take the case of Veronica de la Serna, a young woman whose previous therapist has mysteriously disappeared.

Luna de miel (2016)

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What are you willing to do for love?

Un par de plomazos (2017)

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Sobre tus huellas (2017)

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Hombre Sin Precio (2017)

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La calle de la amargura (1970)

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In the early morning hours, two elderly whores go back to their hovels. They are not tired from working...

Backgammon (2016)

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When Lucian and Miranda are left alone in an isolated mansion for the weekend, their mutual attraction grows, as does their unease about the whereabouts of Miranda's ex-boyfriend who may be hiding somewhere in the house.

Finding Her (2016)

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Monique Watson goes missing in Brooklyn, New York. Police are not doing anything to find a lead, instead they go after the family. The subject drops on the desk of the young journalist, Christian Baker.

Jeremiah Tower: The Last Magnificent (2017)

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Both a biopic of a complicated man and an exploration of the gathering forces that converged to shape...

El Jeremías (2016)

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Set in Sonora Mexico, the film tells the story of Jeremías an eight year old who finds out he is a gifted child and initiates a journey of self discovery.

El Jeremías (2016)

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Set in Sonora Mexico, the film tells the story of Jeremías an eight year old who finds out he is a gifted child and initiates a journey of self discovery.

Por la libre (2000)

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Rocco (Osvaldo Benavides) and Rodrigo (Rodrigo Cachero) are cousins, but they're not at all alike. Rocco is the loose one...

La tarea prohibida (1992)

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A student needs to deliver a short film as a homework, which has to be shot in just one sequence. He...

Die Hausaufgabe (1991)

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Virginia is taking a class at film school, and has decided on her solo project for the class. She will secretly film herself and her ex-husband Marcelo with a candid camera while they make love.