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Cook Up a Storm (2017)

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Cook Up a Storm (2017)

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Da er long (2017)

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Ah Mun and Ah Long (siblings) hate loan sharks because it causes the death of their father. They both get associated with the loan shark activities without making known to each other in a way to help bring justice to their father.

Blinding Souls (2017)

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University students, Feng (Tsao Yuning), Victory (Carlos Chan), Mei Qi, Xiaoyu and Ali, are assigned...

Love Off the Cuff (2017)

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Tou tian te wu (2016)

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Rogue terrorists steal the revolutionary invention the Seed of God for world domination. After Interpol...

The Menu (2016)

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A group of journalists investigate an explosion at a television studio which was caused by an organization out to expose the network's controversial CEO.

The Manifesto Chronicles: The Betrayal (2017)

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The secretive Blazing Star society calls upon their most formidable Knights of the Mystic Rose; James, Valeria and Lucius to hunt down a seemingly indestructible serial killer in the City of Boston.

Chu Tai Chiu Fung (2016)

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In early 1997, mobsters Kwai Ching-hung, Yip Kwok-foon and Cheuk Tze-keung, whom have never met one another...

Du cheng feng yun III (2016)

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Ken is holding a wedding ceremony in Macau for her daughter, Rainbow, who is marrying his protege, Vincent...