"Blade of Honor" (2017)

Deep in the inevitable future of the human race, the Alliance of human planets has created a galactic...
Genres: Sci-Fi,
Category: Upcoming, Hollywood,
Released: 12th March 2017
Duration: mins
Produced In: USA
Language: English
Directed By: Mark Edward Lewis
Starring: Tim Russ, Brandon Stacy, James Kyson,

"Blade of Honor" Storyline:

Deep in the inevitable future of the human race, the Alliance of human planets has created a galactic rule protected by a vast armada of space faring craft and their valiant crews. The best star fighter pilot in the fleet is one, ARINA KARTADES (mid 30s, Caucasian). Following her exploits, we find ourselves on the most exotic and fantastic worlds of the human and local alien ALLIANCE. Arina finds herself on the bleeding edge of the front lines of a decades-old conflict between the Alliance and the hell-bent-for-destruction animal race called the CALINAR. Following a harrowing ejection from her Star Blade fighter and capture and unprecedented release by Calinar forces, her once bitter enemies seem far more friends than foes. She secretly attempts to build political bridges to the Calinar without the knowledge of the power-hungry Alliance Fleet Command or Arina's Commander ranked Fiancée TERRY LINDON (late 30s). However, Arina is deeply torn, because, although she desires peace, she is constantly thrust into battles that force her to destroy the Calinar. Moreover, a devout believer in one of the Alliance sanctioned religious beliefs; the Deridian sect, she discovers the disgusting truth about the galactic control that has been quietly placed in the hearts and minds of not only the Alliance population, but also the Calinar. Intrigue rises to greater intrigue as she and her close band of crack pilots discover that the Alliance and the Calinar are actually allies in a horrifyingly perfect plan to enslave both races under the iron thumb of totalitarian governmental power. She and her friends must form a para-Alliance resistance that threatens to tear apart the very values that established the unification of the human race. Chased across the galaxy as outlaws, Arina gathers a larger following from both human and Calinar freedom fighters. When her only option is to create civil unrest, the cataclysmic war machine of both races plot to erase the existence and memory of Arina and her followers. On the brink of her destruction, however, Arina discovers that the answer to war and genocide is found in your enemy. Once Arina's startling discovery is brought to Alliance Command, the civil war changes players and pits the military against the seedy and underestimated religious sects. The Alliance and Calinar cast and characters find themselves constantly positioning themselves to stay alive, fight for their race and keep their principles from being shredded upon the blade of honor.

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